Ed Sisson's The Ancient Maya Civilization Page

Course entitled Ancient Maya Civilization offered in the Spring of 1996.

Interesting Maya Web sites:

o The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
o Brian Ampolsk's Maya Page; Many useful links!
o Maya Quest
o Online Mayan Syllabary - gif by Nancy McNelly
o SIL's(Summer Institute of Linguistics) Mayan Language Page
o An Introduction to Mayan Civilization - A brief technical introduction
o Chiapas Menu - Includes writings of SubCommander Marcos
o Yucatan Travel Log - Nicely done
o Nancy McNelly's tour of the House of the Governor at Uxmal
o Excellent pages on Mesoamerica with links to other site
o John Hoopes' Catalog Entries with Photos from an Exhibit on Costa Rican
o Commercial Source with Illustrations and General Data on Maya Sites
o Thomas Burglin's Mesoamerican Archaeology - includes Kinko's catalog

o Anita Cohen-Willaims' list of Anthropology/Archaeology WWW Sites is another useful starting point for anyone interest in the Maya, Mesoamerica, or archaeology in general.

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